Before I go any further here is all you really
need to know.  I give an iron clad, 100% Money Back ,guarantee with no questions asked. Period!  Therefore, you have nothing to lose and everything to win. No Bull, I will give you a chance, now give me one and I will prove that YOU can be a super poker player.

Here is all you have to do...
* have an open mind and realize your mind is your greatest tool in poker, (you may be cute and muscular but it is your brain that makes you successful or a failure and that is the muscle that needs to be strong.)

* Listen to a relaxing half hour MP3 file that you can download or listen to right from the site.

* Allow yourself to win. $$$$$$$$

The half hour meditation is relaxing and programs your mind automatically.  I am a super therapist with thousands of hours of clinical experience who can help you to
become  a super poker pro.  I have worked with light and sound computers, bio-feedback, clinical hypnosis, advanced integrated energy therapy and Parts Consciousness Therapy and developed the expertise to help anyone program his or her mind to...

1. Have more self confidence

2. Remember anything with total recall

3. Relax during stressfull situations including             going all in on a huge pot.

4. Use your powerful subconscious mind to read
   tells even when you aren't conscious of them

5. $ Win $  and knock other players out.

If you don't want to knock the other guy out then guess what, you're going to get knocked out and you should!!!  Poker isn't for wimps or sissies.  If you don't have the guts to battle and win all the way to the finish then this isn't for you, but if you are ready to learn how to deliver that knock out punch and go all the way to the finish then in just a half hour a day you can become a powerful, super poker player.

I have spent thousands of hours developing my skills at training people's minds and I am so sure that once you try these guided meditation relaxations you will agree that they have made you a better poker player, that I give this unbelievable guarantee.  You get to use the product and

                        if you don't like it, you pay nothing. 

I believe in myself and what I do, now the question is this...
Do you believe in yourself and what you want to do?
Are you a man of action or just another dreamer?
If you don't have your credit card out of your pocket by now
I think you may be wasting your time and mine, but
If you are ready to take a chance on yourself and
Your dream to be a great poker player,
Then I'll take a chance and like I said at the beginning
You have nothing to Lose because I offer a 100%
iron clad, money back, guarantee -- NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Now here is a brief description of each one of these special gambling guided relaxation meditations...

Ready To Win $$$
Guided Relaxation Meditation

for Super Knock Out Poker Power !!
"Super Poker Memory..."
Everybody knows that you have to follow the cards and remember every move your opponents make.  Also, you have to remember every thing you ever learned in life or poker to be a winner, including what you've read and also the moves you made in the past that worked and the ones that didn't.

Science has proven that most people only use about 10% or their brains but it also has proven with the experiments done by Wilder Penfield, that everything that ever happened to you is still a memory in your brain and can be recalled with the right training.  Just listen to this relaxing MP3 file for 30 minutes 3-7 times a week and you will have a Super Memory.
"Super Tournament Player..."
You've seen them on TV and maybe even in person, the super poker pros Like Helmuth, Brunson, Wynn, who wind up at the last table in almost every tournament they play in.  They seem like ordinary people but something makes them special.

It is confidence and fantastic instincts and this relaxing guided meditation will help you to access your powerful subconscious and take that other 90% of your brain and put it to work.  Don't just watch tournaments from the sidelines, get in there where you belong!!

Listen to this MP3 file before a tournament and each night during a tournament to relax and prepare yourself for battle.  You will amaze yourself and the next time it will be you sitting there grinning in front of a pile of money.

More Guided Meditations for Super Knock Out Poker Power !!
"Super Poker Instincts..."
The most important part of poker isn't the cards, it is knowing what your opponent has and how he or she will play them.  If you can read your opponent you will be in a power position and dominate any table.  Your subconscious mind processes 1,000 times more information every minute than your conscious mind and yet you usually depend upon your conscious mind to pick up on tells and  warn you when they are bluffing.

This powerful guided relaxation meditation will release the power of your subconscious so you will instinctively know when they are  lying or when they are sitting on a killer hand.  Stop getting knocked out of tournaments and start knocking them out!!!!

"I am amazed at how relaxed I am and how much more confidence and skill I have.  I had read a lot of books about poker but still couldn't seem to win or put it all together.  Now my mind is super focused and I am winning pot after pot.  Thanks, Wil!"
Larry P., Las Vegas, NV
"I am not a book reader so these sound files are great.  I loaded them on my ipod and listen to them at night while I sleep.  I am already picking up on tells and reading my opponents better.  Not sure how they work, but they do work.  Very grateful, Wil, you really are a guru!
James R., New York, Ny
"This is so incredible.  I just look at the other players and know when they are on a good hand or bluffing.  I call it radar, but whatever it is, I guess my subconscious, it is amazing.  It not only works in poker but in other parts of my life, too.  A great job, Wil."
Vinny P., Bosotn, MA

"This is the most amazing mind improvement tool I ever used.  I bought books, tapes, cds, and all kinds of things to be a better poker player.  These meditations have opened up my mind and helped me to be relaxed and focused.  I am definitely on a higher level now.  I now finish the games."
Bob W., Dallas, TX
"Three online tourneys won since I started using these meditations just three weeks ago.  I am now going to take this to the card rooms and start winning back some of that cash I "invested" in losing games in the past."
Bernard H., Miami, FL

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Click on the button to take advantage of this fantastic deal and get all three files for just $30 and save 10 bucks!
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If you have any questions now or after your purchase be sure to email me and I will do my best to answer your question.

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